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If I brought in a photo of my son could I have a figure made for his graduation and how much would it be?

For the past 35 years the World of Groggs has made figures of many famous people but among the pantheon of famous names are a special few who have also been immortalised in clay and can stand proudly nest to the likes of Gareth Edwards and Barry John. Unfortunately over the years, as the popularity of Groggs grew so did the demand on our time. This had the effect of making time for individual portraits extremely limited. However, it is something that we, as a company, have always loved to do, so some time every year is put aside and a limited amount of these special figures are produced on a waiting list basis. The one question we're asked more often than any other is "How much does it cost to have a personalised Grogg made?" People are often shocked by the reply of between £2000 and £3000. Especially as you can buy Gareth Edwards for £30. People are surprised by the difference in price but what they don't appreciate is each Gareth Edwards figure was moulded from a master figure which cost over £2000 to originate. This is exactly the time and effort they would be paying for with their uniqueness, individual Groggs are still extremely sought after but due to the time involved in producing each one (approx. 2-3 months) we do need quite a lot of advance warning in order to produce these special figures for specific dates and unfortunately are not taking on any projects currently. Apologies for any inconvenience.

I have recently acquired a grogg of Gareth Edwards signed by John Hughes and dated 1979. Can you tell me how much it is worth and is it a John Hughes original?

Unfortunately we can not give valuations of our old figures as they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them,although we are aware vintage groggs are changing hands on ebay for ever increasing amounts. The signature "John Hughes, Wales" is a corporate signature and your figure may have been made by John Hughes, Richard Hughes or a combination of both. Unless we see the figure it is difficult to say. A rough guide to attributation would be as follows: A named player prior to 1976, was probably made by John Hughes, after 1976 saw a combination of John and Richard's work and post 1978 most recognisable figures were being made by Richard athough all groggs were produced with the trademark "John Hughes, Wales" or as now "Hughes, Wales" signature.If in doubt check with us first and remember, if it's not a Hughes it's not a grogg!

My son has just had his first cap for Wales, will you be making a Grogg of him? Or How do you decide who you are going to make?

Luckily this isn’t simply our decision, although we would like to make everyone who plays for Wales, mostly our choice is dictated at public demand. Therefore usually if we get enough inquires for someone, we would probably deem it cost effective to put that person into production. Unfortunately whether that person remains popular or not is in the lap of the gods.

Do you do repairs on Groggs?

We get asked this a lot, but unfortunately we are unable to do repairs on Groggs. Most of the time they are beyond repair (broken in to pieces) or if they are clean breaks we can offer advice on how to fix them. Give us a ring for more information on at home repairs.

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