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Grogg® Archive!


December 2013

9" Leigh Halfpenny

Proving the success of Leigh's 2013 season, the standard 9" Welsh Kit Limited Edition of 500 reached it's numbers early December 2013. Luckily Richard was hot on the case, making a brand new Leigh for the new year which can be ordered here.

12th July 2013

Lions Leigh Halfpenny

After being launched on Wednesday 10th July, the 125 Limited Editions had all been snapped up by eager collectors by the Friday! After Leigh's successful Lions tour it shouldn't have been such a suprise how popular this piece was.

11 February 2013

Diolch Shane


This piece was been made to commemorate Shane's last ever (we think) try for Wales. Against Australia in the last seconds of the game Shane made sure he went out with a bang. Complete with his own Diolch shirt, badge detail and yellow boots all intricately handpainted. It also includes the back base inscription (as seen in the photo) 'DIOLCH SHANE WALES V AUSTRALIA 3.12.11'.


Limited to only 87 pieces, this special Grogg sold out in just over 2 days. Another record at the Groggshop, we thank everyone who has ordered this piece for purchasing a piece of rugby & Grogg history.

2shanes (2).jpg

You can still order the Ultimate Shane in standard Welsh kit @ £69.95 at the link..


Most Capped Stephen

most1.jpg most2.jpg most3.jpg


737 Challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care - August 2011.

newprod 012.jpg

Pontypridd born Richard Parks took on a massive challenge at the end of 2010, to reach 7 summits on 3 poles in just 7 months. Richard achieved this World First on the 12th of July, completing in just 6 months and 11 days. To commemorate this and help Richard with fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care we made only 100 Mini Richard Parks in the 737 Challenge kit, complete with beard and Marie Curie Dafofil. All the profits from each sale are going to the charity. Many thanks to our customers for contributing to the cause and making this the 2nd fastest selling Grogg of all time, selling out in just 9 days!



100th Cap Stephen


June 2011

JULY 007.jpg JULY 008.jpg

Made to commemorate Stephen's 100th Cap for Wales, he achieved this by being chosen to play against the Barbarians in June 2011 at the Millennium Stadium. This particular piece could of sold twice over but we decided to keep it to only 10. It like many others recently sold out before even being launched.

'Since 1991' Giggs

June 2011

GIGS 002.jpg GIGS 001.jpg

This 9" Limited Edition of 11 was made to commemorate Ryan Giggs career at Manchester United. Complete with kit logo's and inscription reading 'Tearing you apart since 1991'. This piece quickly sold out after being launched.


Blue Best

May 2011

wipjune 004.jpg wipjune 003.jpg

wipjune 002.jpg

Only 7 made, all sold!



'Bloodied but Unbowed'


april 078.jpg april 077.jpg
A unique JPR Action Figure depicting the facial patch and blood stained shirt which he famously acquired in the Bridgend V New Zealand game in 1978 is now available priced £200. This is the No 15 of 15 Action pieces being painted in the Bridgend strip but the only one which will reflect this infamous moment in Rugby history. SOLD.
april 079.jpg april 080.jpg
'Running Repairs'
Fans will remember it was JPR's father who stitched up his son's face before the legendary Full back returned to the field to carry on with the game against the 78' All Blacks after losing about 2 pints of blood!

Mike Phillips 50th Cap

After a lot of requests we have decided to do a 9" Mike Phillips Special Edition piece, complete with Admiral logo, White boots and a commemorative inscription - to be confirmed next week. Like the Hook and Warburton they will be priced at £150 but have now all been reserved.

Wondergoal Rooney

4311 003.jpg 4311 005.jpg

To celebrate Wayne Rooney’s amazing ‘Wondergoal’ against old rivals Man City last Saturday, we will be producing a Ltd Ed of only 10 9” figures of Wayne with long sleeves & white collar AON Strip he wore that day. It will include the inscription ‘‘and after all-Your my Wondergoal’ Man Utd 2 Man City 1 12.2.2011’ . ALL SOLD.
4311 001.jpg 4311 004.jpg

Prima Prova!
Following a second outstanding performance for Wales in Rome on Saturday and his first international try Richard has started work on a 9" Limited Edition of Sam Warburton, a Ltd Ed of 24 (Wales point tally) of which will be painted in the Admiral strip, silver boots and the inscription 'Prima Prova' Italy 16 Wales 24 26.2.2011, to celebrate Sam's first try for Wales . ALL SOLD.

‎'The Red Admiral' 15.2.11
18211 002.jpg   18211 004.jpg
 In celebration of Wales' victory at Murrayfield on Saturday we will be producing a Limited Edition of only ten 9" James Hook figures in the New Admiral strip, complete with silver boots, white socks, logos and an inscription reading 'The Red Admiral' Scotland 6 Wales 24 12.2.2011. 
  18211 003.jpg


Miniature Lions Front Row Jan 2011.


No one could doubt this is a Front Row combination that needed to be Grogged, only 100 were made and the Edition sold out early January 2011. Adam Jones, Matthew Rees and Gethin Jenkins all in their Lions 2009 Kit, in which they became the first all Welsh Lions Test Front Row since 1955.

Captains Climb Kilimanjaro 2010

September 2010


As most people are aware Huw Evans of Welsh Rugby Pics Fame has taken 15 ex Captains of Wales on the 'Brains Captains Climb' to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro this September. On behalf of the Stepping Stones Appeal, Velindre , the historic climb is raising funds for Lung Cancer Research. Having known Huw and being fans of his work for years we are delighted to be involved.

Instead of making just one figure at the summit - Richard thought it would be fun to make all the players participating including Huw at the peak taking a snap shot! What Richard didn't realise is that each figure would only be 6 cms high, making them the smallest Groggs in history. It's just as well he's just had his eyes tested and has some new glasses! Donate to this important cause here http://www.justgiving.com/huwevanskilima njaro

The World Of Groggs decided to put this amazing piece to public sale donating a percentage of the profit to Velindre. Many thanks to everyone who purchased one for also helping to raise money for this worthy charity. All pieces are now sold. Numbers 1 and 45 going are also going to charity.

kilimanjaro 002.jpg kilimanjaro 004.jpg

'SUPER SHANE' - May 2010


Made to celebrate not only Shane's 49th try against Scotland for that amazing comeback but also his 50th try scored against France in the 2010 Wales Six Nations Campaign. Only 50 of these pieces were be made in the Brains SA Kit with all the strip detailing, it was a must for any collection.


9" Try Record Shane Williams - March 2008



Being the second 9" Shane to completely sell out of their 500 editions, he's a popular guy!


 Mount Groggmore - February 2010

With only 45 (Our Anniversary) made, this publicly chosen figure didn't last long. Our version of Mount Rushmore is now added to the archive after selling out before the figure was even complete.

Braveheart Stephen - April 2010


To Commemorate Stephen's outstanding Man of the Match performance against Italy we produced only 10 'Braveheart' editions featuring the Brains SA logo, Under Armour, green socks and the last but not least the amazing blue face


Newton Heath Cantona - February 2010

newtonheatheric 001.jpg

Only 7 made of this extremely rare and sought after Newton Heath Eric Cantona. Unfortunately all numbers are now sold.


Rooney Noir - February 2010

On the 31st of January 2010 Wayne Rooney scored his 100th premier league goal whilst helping his team to beat Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates. He was wearing the Away 'All Black' Manchester United Strip and his Nike Total 90 Laser 111 - green boots. To commemorate this milestone we produced only 10 of the 'Rooney Noir' figures bearing the back base inscription - '100th Premier League Goal' Arsenal 1 - Man Utd 3, 31.1.2010.
Unfortunately all numbers have been sold.

Wayne Rooney Centurion August 2009
On the 22nd August 2009 Wayne Rooney joined an elite group, becoming the 21st Manchester United player to score 100 goals for his club. To mark this event we made only 21 figures of Wayne in this seasons strip, with the inscription 'The 21st Centurion 22.8.09' on the back base, complete with his Nike Total 90 Boots! 

Gareth Edwards Barbarian Try

Ray Gravell Bust
Ripped Shirt Ray! 
Richard has completed the alterations to the master figure of the Ray Gravell in British Lions strip. As collectors will know only 13 Lions figures with the famous ripped shirt from the Tour of South Africa in 1980 were made. All numbers are sold exempting the number 13 which has been reserved for Ray's family.

 We made a figure of Ryan Jones holding both the Triple Crown plate and the RBS Six Nations Trophy, the figure also had all of the results on the back of the base, Limited Edition to 300 pieces. Unfortunately all pieces are sold.

Full House Hook

To commemorate Wales' victory over England and James Hooks amazing 'Full House', we have produced a very limited run of 22 (James' points tally) of our Limited Edition James Hook 9" figures. Complete with his additional red collar, Brains logo anddistinctive blue boots, the inscription on the back will read 'Full House - no whitewash required' Wales 27 - England 18 17.3.2007. Unfortunately all of the Full House Hook 22 editions have now been sold.


Ryan Giggs

700th Game Special Edition

On the 3rd of March 2007 Ryan Giggs passed another major milestone in his Manchester United career. In their 1-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield, he played his 700th game. To celebrate this amazing achievement we produced an extremely low run of only 11 pieces of our Action Ryan figure in the white strip he played in that day.




40th Anniversary Pontypool Front Row
Created to commemorate the 40th Anniversaryof the birth of the World Of Groggs this special figure became the springboard for an amazingWREX dinner on the 3rd of November 2005, when two unique Front Rows were auctioned.Numbers reached.

Grand Slam 2005

Made to commemorate the Grand Slam 2005, turned out to be the fastest selling Grogg of all time, selling out in 2 days without customers even seeing the figure being made. With only 121 pieces made anyone who owns one is very lucky!


9" Gavin Henson


Another record breaking Grogg, this 9" Gavin Henson figure was released just after the Wales V England game 2005 when Gavin kicked us to glory. We made 500 pieces and never had one to put on the shelf to sell as they were constantly back ordered.

9" Duncan & Adam Jones


Both Limited Editions to 300 only and made just after the Grand Slam 2005, these two popular Ospreys were destined to do well!



9" Dwayne Peel 


Also a Limited Edition to only 300 pieces and made after the Slam in 2005 it wasn't long until Dwayne reached his limit, which forced us to remake the much loved scrum half in the 9" Action figure - http://www.groggs.co.uk/shop/limited_edition_rugby_groggs/0_8_3_370/action9dwaynepeel.aspx


Vintage Groggs


Examples of rare early Groggs



Michael Jackson

Slip cast and hand modelled. Oxide wash and acrylic decoration. One of only 22 pieces in exsitence. Signed John Hughes' Groggshop Wales 1992,  made by Richard Hughes.


Unique Mike Tyson

Bust of Mike Tyson by Richard Hughes. Commisioned to be presented to Mike Tyson prior to the Holyfield title fight.

Delme Thomas and Willie John Mc Bride.

Thanks to Grogg Collector Mr Duane Williams of Aberdare for requainting us with a great vintage Grogg. Dwayne has been collecting Groggs since 1978 and recently acquired this very rare and totally unique Second Row on eBay.

Depicting Delme Thomas and Willie John McBride on the victorious Lions tour of New Zealand in 1971, this was a very early example of Richards work, dated 1977. A great bargain!

David Bowie


Buff Stoneware, Slipcast, Hand Painted David Bowie Limited Edition. Shows Bowie in "Serious Moonlight" costume. Made by Richard Hughes, signed and dated, John Hughes Wales 1989. One of only 26 pieces made!

Property of Mr and Mrs Mathers

Unique, Hand Made, Stoneware Winston Churchill in 'John Bull' pose. Made by Richard Hughes, signed and dated John Hughes, Pontypridd, Wales 1985. Recently featured in Douglas Hall's book of Churchilliana .

Part of the Groggshops own collection.

Untiltled, handmade Gerald Davies, British Lion strip. White stoneware with oxide wash, made by John Hughes, 1971.

Owned by Wayne Thomas of Treorchy

Moulded white earthenware Juggler, Cobalt glaze made by John Hughes, circa 1965.

Handmade drummer boy, dark blue cobalt glaze, made by John Hughes, circa 1960. 

Both owned by Anna-Marie nee Warlow.




Some Famous quotes from the past.



"....The most famous pieces of rugby pottery on Earth!" - First XV Rugby Magazine


"In Welsh Rugby, to win an International Cap is to achieve a lifetime's ambition; to get 19 caps, is to prove yourself as an International among internationals; but to have a Grogg made of yourself is the rarest of honours and the surest sign that you have entered the myth." -Nick Pitt, The Sunday Times 1995

"To be selected for immortality in the pantheon of Groggs in this way, (Neil) Jenkins says, is perceived by many sportsmen as an honour somewhere between a knighthood and an appearance on Desert Island Discs. 'A Welsh Cap comes first,' he grins. 'Then becoming a Grogg, and third comes selection for the Lions.'"  - Alan Road, The Times 1999

".....The Madam Tussauds of the Valleys...."  -South Wales Echo

"Many nations have their rugby cartoonists but none boasts a potter caracaturist like this son of a miner who took up his unique craft after becoming tired of local government. John Hughes' products are treasured by the player themselves, they sell to rugby folk all over the world, and some fanatics have even asked to be buried with 'Gareth' or 'Barry' beside them in the coffin."-David Parry Jones, The Rugby Clubs of Wales

"Forget all the accolades heaped on Will Carling by the critics, the true test of fame is the popularity of his Grogg Shop figure." -Rugby News 1991

"One of the places I always like to take them (visiting friends) is to the Groggshop - although it's not a large shop you can spend ages browsing as there is so much to see and the Hughes family are not only clever in they do, they are also extremely friendly - and rugby mad!" - Raewyn Henry, South Wales Echo 1999

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