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Visual Tour of The Groggshop

If you are unable to visit us, don't worry, here's a selection of pictures of us at work and the shop over the years.

New Vintage Pictures

23 July 2010


Old Tram Way (Broadway) & The Dan-Y-Graig Arms (Groggshop) is the white building behind the trees. Circa 1900.


John Hughes Pottery Circa 1977, 6 years after the Hughes family moved in.


The Groggshop today

Cathy surveys some vintage Groggs in the museum.

The Groggshop is a Treasure trove of Memorablilia .

Carly adjusts the new display in the Window Gallery.

Visitors are always welcome to watch Richard at work in his studio.

The girls busy keeping the Main Gallery ship shape!

'Watch your heads' Muddy socks hang down in the Main Gallery.

Even the corridor to the Museum and Richards Studio is full of memorabilia!

An example of some very rare early Groggs on display in the museum including the first ever Gareth and JPR made in 1969 .

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