'Field of Dreams' *2-3 month delay*


50 Years of Groggs Celebratory Limited Edition 1965-2015

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  • Limited Edition of 500 pieces.
  • Priced at £265 plus £6.00 P+P UK / Worldwide Postage £60
  • Dimensions - 9.1" tall - 5.5" wide (at base) - 3.5" deep (at base).

"Field of Dreams"

Well the guessing is over and I'm extremely relieved to finally reveal the secret of the 50th Anniversary Grogg. As some collectors know I have been steadily working on this project for a while now and keeping it quiet has been something of a nightmare for me. As you know when it comes to my work ...I love to talk!  I've listened to a lot of interesting theories and speculation but as far as I’m aware no-one has got it spot on.

"Field of Dreams" is inspired by the famous Twickenham weathervane which depicts Hermes, the winged messenger, passing a rugby ball to a young boy. The double figure I'm making features Dad passing a golden rugby ball to me, representing the handing on of his artistic ambitions which happened when I was still a schoolboy myself. This image illustrates to me the huge influence my father had, not only on my career, but in my life in general. The weathervane featured in the 1970s opening titles of Rugby Special which Dad and I watched religiously every Sunday afternoon reguardless of who was playing. The figure symbolises everything my Dad tried to teach me about life, morality, responsibility and being an open minded person. Most of all he encouraged in me a love of art and a passion for rugby union which he often used as a metaphor for life.

 The title for the piece comes from the film - "Field of Dreams", a favourite of Dad's and mine which contains the famous line "build it and they will come" which totally summed up Dad's attitude to life and work. He was never that worried about having to sell our figures in the West End. His credo was - if our product was of a high quality and unique in it's concept then people will come from far and wide and over the past 50 years he's been proved right.

So there it is - a simple idea but one I feel personally very strongly about not only as a tribute to Dad but also his determination to live his Dream. The strangest thing is after over 40 years of making other peoples faces I have finally got round to "Grogging" I know what it feels like!

I hope you all feel it's a fitting celebration of 50 years of Groggs, but if you don't -"Tread softly for you tread on my dreams".

Richard Hughes

Richard’s notes on the finish

Some people may be a little surprised to see my Dad with a full black beard. In my mind’s eye this is how I see him – at his peak, aged about 35. To me this represents how Dad looked when I left school and began working at the Groggshop full time aged 17. Obviously I haven’t depicted myself at that age! I have however given myself some extra hair and a super toned body – what’s the point of being an artist if you can’t tweek the truth a little! Personally after six months of very intricate and time consuming work I’m very pleased with the final result, I hope you all agree.