Carly's Biography


Carly with Grandfather John in 1992 ~ Ryan, Cathy, Goughy, Carly & Mark Jones.

Carly Rees (nee Hughes) is Catherine's only child, born on the 9th of July 1986, brought up in Penarth, before moving back to Pontypridd age 8. It was then that she began supporting Pontypridd RFC. Following in her mum's footsteps Carly attended Parc Lewis and Hawthorn High, leaving school at 16 to work in fashion retail.


Carly & Simon introducing James to the Groggshop Feb 2014.

Carly then started working for the family business full time in 2004 mainly working on the website and graphics, in 2007 Mother and daughter began running front of shop together. Carly will be answering your all your emails, updating the website, managing social media and running around after her son James (aged 9).

Favourite Films: ‘Housesitter and at Christmas The Holiday & Elf.’

Favourite Music Artists: ‘Prince, JP Cooper & James Morrison’.

Favourite Album: ‘Hard to pin one so I'll go with my birth year album Prince Parade.’

Favourite Song: ‘Joy In Repetition, Prince.’

Favourite Food: ‘Indian, cake and my own Lasagne!’

Favourite Sporting Moment: ‘Other than all of the current Grand Slams I'd have to go with beating England in the 2015 World Cup'

Favourite Try: 'Gethin's charge down Try against Ireland for the Slam 2005, classic'

Favourite Place: ‘At home with my boys, Simon, James & Milo (Cat).’

Favourite Foreign Destination: ‘Seville’

Favourite Artist: ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.’

Favourite Hobby: 'Meals out, online shopping and holidays!'

Favourite TV Programs: 'White Lotus, Impractical Jokers and all of the Real Housewives'

Favourite Actor: ‘Colin Farrell - most underrated actor of all time in my opinion’

Favourite Actress: ‘Jennifer Coolidge'.

Favourite Comedian: 'Micky Flanagan'.

Dislikes: ‘Hangovers, paper cuts, hiccups’

Ambitions: ‘To be happy, healthy and travel more.’

Favourite Saying: 'Don't kiss the beast, be superior at least - Prince, Positivity’

Biggest Influence: ‘It's has to be Grampy John.’

Favourite Grogg: '9" Record Richie McCaw'.