Catherine's Biography

Cathy showing Barry John how to paint Barry John!

Catherine Jane Hughes the youngest of John’s children was born at home at 26 Llantwit Road also the birthplace of the Groggs. Like her siblings she attended Parc Lewis Primary, then finally Hawthorn High School.

Lee Byrne, Carly, Cathy & Mike Phillips

Catherine worked from a very young age with her father serving in the shop on Saturdays for pocket money. Although Cathy briefly worked in Cardiff as a hairdresser, she returned to the family business where she spent a longtime painting and glazing, but now manages the front of shop, ordering Grogg stock from our production team and hand painting inscriptions.  

Cathy in her own words...

Favourite Films: ‘Talented Mr Ripley, Taxi Driver and The Godfather 1 + 2'

Favourite Music Artists: ‘Bowie, Prince & U2'

Favourite Albums: ‘Joshua Tree-U2, Young Americans Bowie & Parade Prince.’

Favourite Song : ‘Impossible to say just one.’

Favourite Food: ‘Hot Curries, Italian food and spring rolls from the Happy Gathering.’

Favourite Sporting Moment: ‘Pontypridd beating Llanelli in the Millennium Stadium 2002. Wales defeating England at Wembly cannot be excluded. Winning the Grand Slam’s 2005, 2008 & 2012 inparticular the Twickenham Triple Crown game 2012. 

Favourite Try: 'Scott Gibbs, Wembley 1999'

Favourite Place: ‘Home, or a beach.’

Favourite Foreign Destination: ‘Mykonos & Italy.’

Favourite Artist: ‘Warhol and Chagal.’

Favourite Hobby: 'Eating out and having fun with my friends and watching rugby’

Favourite TV Programs: 'Housewives'

Favourite Actor:‘Robert De Niro’

Favourite Actress: ‘Bette Davies’.

Favourite Comedian: 'Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais & Monty Python.'

Favourite Author:‘Enid Blyton (you can’t beat a good Noddy book – the originals of course!).’

Dislikes: ‘Noise & Litter’

Ambitions: ‘To be healthy and happy.’

Favourite Saying: “Never ever, bloody anything ever!” (Comic Strip).’

Biggest Influence : ‘My Dad!’

Favourite Book: Jack Kerouac – ‘On the Road’, but when I need to laugh ‘Three men in a boat’ by Jerome. K. Jerome.’

Favourite Groggs: 'JPR Bust, Warren Gatland & the new 9" Alun Wyn Jones'.